Is Digital Advertising Everything?

25th January, 2017 ••

Nowadays, it seems like marketers on digital platforms are reaching us constantly. Whether it’s programmatic marketing on our mobile phones, commercials on television, or online advertisements. We are constantly exposed to some form of digital marketing on a daily basis.

Though digital marketing is the fastest growing and most popular form of advertisement, it is still not proven to be the most effective. Print ads, surprisingly, are still more effective than both online and TV ads when it comes to increasing favorability.

In our growing digital age, how is this still possible that print ads are more effective? A study by AdWeek brings up three main points why this is true:


1) We are more likely to remember print ads.

Temple University did a study on our brain’s activity when viewing print verses digital ads. This study proved that we are more likely to remember an ad and its context on paper than on a digital screen. The print-exposed group showed much higher activity in the area of the brain associated with memory and preference.

2) Print is more effective across media platforms.

Today in advertising, a campaign often needs to reach consumers on print, digital, and video platforms. When consumers first see an ad on print they are more likely to resonate with it when they see it on digital platforms as well. Millward Brown’s analysis found that the combination of print and TV ads outperformed digital and TV by increasing a viewer’s recall.

3) Print ads are actually PROVEN to raise sales and produce a positive ROI.

Last year MPA introduced the Print Magazine Sales Guarantee. Using trackable third-party data, and buying a minimum of 150 GRPs within one magazine media company over 12 months, the campaign must show an increase in sales or the advertiser will get their money/space back.  This has worked for several companies, including Kimberly-Clark and Tyson Foods, whose print ads helped achieve a sales increase of between 2 percent and 47 percent with an ROI of $7.45 for every $1 spent.


4) Improving your Integrated Marketing Plan

The next time your marketing team decides to skip out on print advertising, think again. Not only does a print ad increase awareness and recall, they also have increased effectiveness with most viewers when combined with TV advertising.

We are not saying that print ad is better than online or digital marketing or vice versa, but having them both applied together does increase the benefits in increasing the overall input from the targeted audiences & overall ad performance, regardless on print or digital.