How Can Visuals Affect Your Brands

17th February, 2017 ••

Why your brand needs to tap into visual marketing online.


Before we elaborate on the headline, here are a couple of things that may or may not have flown under your radar.


First, Instagram has revealed plans that a live video function was to take place on the Instagram Stories platform. Unlike Facebook Live though, the short videos recorded by users will only be able to be watched by friends live, and will disappear once recorded. Second, Facebook is upgrading the visual aspect of its platform, by purchasing FacioMetrics – a company that uses image analysis to determine emotions. A Facebook representative said that this allows them ‘to help bring fun effects to photos and videos’.

What this tells us is that the Internet is fast becoming a progressively more visual medium. With three billion images shared online every day, it is obvious that over the next few years, there will be many new ways of accessing, exchanging, and processing these images on social media sites.

Thus it is imperative that brands understand that they need to tap into visual marketing online. They need to start to see the long-term awareness-building potential from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat. Today’s users are more interested in visual inspiration – which is brilliant for any brand that can offer inspiring images and video footage that doesn’t rely on explanatory text.

If your brand has an Instagram account, congratulations – you’re already heading in the right direction, and belong to 90% of the top 100 brands that are doing the same thing. What we would encourage is a re-think on how you should plan, create, and distribute content, moving towards seeing themselves more as a specialised editor or content provider for your particular audience rather than a seller of products.

How could this work in practice? Progressive brands are now putting a lot of their energy into thinking about how they can contribute or facilitate video footage for the growing ‘Live’ functions. This is what your brand should be doing, and we can definitely help you with achieving your goals. The Internet is an ever-evolving force – some long-term thinking will ensure you aren’t left behind.


With this, Eminent Creative is ready and on-board with these digital solutions to help kick-start your brands in achieving your campaign strategies & marketing techniques through digital platforms & anywhere else.